Experience of use EffectEro

The experience of using the product by Alex de Veles

Alex de Veles

Hello, my name is Alex, I live in Velez, Macedonia. I would like to share my slightly tricky story about the experience of using EffectEro capsules. And also give your honest opinion on the use of the capsules and tell yourself how to use them so that their effect is strongest.

My story

When I was 47, I suffered a tailbone injury when I fell on a ladder. The injury wasn't that bad, but I had to spend some time in the hospital. After that I encountered a problem. It seems that after the injury I had a complication and the impotence started. This is a big deal and it scares almost everyone. I am no exception to this situation. But my venereologist could calm me down. He advised a drug that could help cure my disease. These turned out to be EffectEro capsules. I decided to try to see the effect of this drug. It turned out that no further treatment was needed. The drug showed itself to the maximum and helped me.

Application of capsules

After I bought EffectEro capsules, I started to prescribe treatment for myself. I expected that not everything would manifest immediately and that it would take some time to wait. It turned out that I had to wait 20-30 minutes. The effect, so to speak, was on the face. It made me very happy as I thought nothing else could be returned and this problem stuck with me forever. An excellent tip for regaining normal power would be to do special exercises. It uses the pubococcygeal muscles, which help maintain an erection. I also advise, despite the instantaneous effect of the capsules, to use them nevertheless during a cure of at least one month. This is the only way to be 100% sure that the effect will be corrected and the disease will never return.

Completion of the course of taking the drug

Photo of EffectEro capsules, product use experience

After I finished the whole course, I had no idea I was helpless. I no longer needed EffectEro capsules. My activity is back. If they ask me if I would recommend this drug, I will confidently answer yes. He has helped me and as far as I know has helped a lot more people. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt its effectiveness. So now I take it for prophylaxis once a year. And to be honest, the quality of my sex has improved. By sight, one cannot say that I am 50 years old now.