What are natural aphrodisiacs and what foods are they in?

It often happens that against the background of chronic fatigue, stress, after illnesses, the sexual libido in men weakens. Natural aphrodisiacs will help correct the situation. These are various animal and plant products that help increase libido. On a man, they act like a pathogen. We will tell you what aphrodisiac products men should eat and how to cook tasty and healthy dishes from them.

How an aphrodisiac works

a woman gives a man products for potency

Aphrodisiac products affect the male body as follows:

  1. Activate the part of the brain responsible for sexual pleasure.
  2. A natural stimulant increases a man's libido.
  3. The stronger sex has a long and persistent erection, the degree of sexual pleasure increases.
  4. Aphrodisiac products for men are also helpful as they rejuvenate the whole body.

The aphrodisiacs contained in the products have such a positive effect on men due to the special ratio of vitamins and minerals that enter the human body during nutrition. Due to their consumption, the level of hormones responsible for blood flow to the male organ is regulated. They increase body endurance and improve mood.

Good to know! Also, some smells are attributed to the number of natural aphrodisiacs. They act on the olfactory receptors which send a signal to the central nervous system. As a result, the production of endorphins and other substances responsible for sexual desire and pleasure are stimulated.

What is a natural aphrodisiac?

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Natural aphrodisiacs are special substances that can increase a man's sexual desire. They got this name from the name of the Greek goddess of love (Aphrodite). In the literal sense, the name translates to "lovely pleasure".

The fact that there is a natural aphrodisiac for men has long been known. In different countries, animal and vegetable products have been added to food, which can excite a person. Thus, in Japan and Korea, snake meat and mussels are eaten for this purpose. In China, shrimp is considered such a natural aphrodisiac; in India, sesame seeds are eaten for this. As for Egypt, garlic was considered a powerful aphrodisiac there. Also, to increase attraction, men introduced celery and turnips into the diet.

Important! Natural aphrodisiacs for men are much safer than synthetic pharmaceuticals.

What foods increase potency?

To understand which foods are natural aphrodisiacs for men in the diet, you need to know their composition, since the following trace elements are responsible for improving libido:

  1. Foods that contain a lot of zinc increase libido the most. It is he who affects the production of testosterone, an important male hormone for sexual activity.
  2. Vitamin E is necessary for the proper functioning of the entire reproductive system, since it has a special effect on the pituitary gland.
  3. Natural aphrodisiacs are foods that contain allicin, vitamin C, lysine and phytosterols.

All of the micronutrients listed above can be found in different foods. These are fish, vegetables, fruits, seafood, nuts, seeds, berries, honey, legumes, spices, mushrooms, herbs and spices.

Interesting fact! The most powerful natural stimulant for a man is ginseng root. It directly affects the nervous system, increases libido and supports men's health in general.

List of stimulant products

nuts and dried fruits for potency

The list below will make it easier for you to find a male aphrodisiac in products:

  • the following fruits and nuts are considered natural libido boosters - orange, lemon, avocado, grapefruit, banana, dates, coconut, and dried apricots;
  • among the berries, the aphrodisiacs are cherries, strawberries, strawberries, olives, watermelon and olives;
  • natural aphrodisiac nut consists of almonds, nutmeg, sesame seeds and other nuts;
  • among cereals, it is worth mentioning rice, buckwheat and wheat;
  • vegetables - garlic, white cabbage, carrots, eggplant, onions, beets, artichokes, broccoli;
  • spices - saffron, cinnamon, vanilla, rosemary, cloves, cumin and curry;
  • seafood - scallops, shrimp, mussels, oysters, kelp, eel;
  • herbs - mint, basil, lavender, echinacea, fennel, ginseng, dill, asparagus, celery, aloe, horseradish and angelica;
  • chocolate and coffee;
  • honey and various bee products;
  • among the drinks it is worth mentioning ginger tea, grape wine, tincture of anise;
  • fatty varieties of fish and caviar;
  • all mushrooms (especially truffles and morels);
  • quail eggs;
  • liver, lean meat;
  • olive oil.

Recipes with natural aphrodisiacs

shrimp with vegetables for potency

As you can see from the list above, all products that are natural sexual desire enhancers can be used to prepare ordinary daily meals. Therefore, any man, eating properly, is able to increase his sexual potency.

Below are recipes for dishes with natural stimulants:

  1. Prepare a nutritious and light salad of quail eggs with green onions and arugula. Sprinkle the chopped food with lemon juice, optionally sprinkle with nuts or seeds, season with 15 ml of olive oil. The result is a healthy and tasty dish, which, in addition to saturating a man, will increase his libido.
  2. Adding your favorite seafood (shrimp or mussels) to any vegetable salad will not only make it satisfying, but also male power healing. The same goes for fish and meat.
  3. For dessert, prepare berries or citrus with chocolate. To do this, pour the washed fruits (strawberries or oranges) with melted chocolate. You can make a fruit salad from any of the fruits from the above list, decorate it with whipped cream and grated chocolate.
  4. As you know, it is impossible to increase sexual activity without relaxing after a hard day's work. To a large extent, alcohol in small amounts contributes to relaxation. It is best to cook fragrant mulled wine. Red wine in combination with stimulating spices and herbs will eliminate internal clings and improve blood circulation. All this will contribute to a long and stable erection.

Instead of wine, a sweet liqueur, exotic tequila or tincture of anise will do. It's easy to come up with your own recipe for an exciting dish, replacing traditional ingredients with products from the list above.